Overview IT Audit

As a business holder, you are always considering for ways to improve and better control of your IT. To increase efficiencies in IT, you need to have a solid understanding of where you are today and the weaknesses your infrastructure has. If your current IT is not meeting your basic reporting requirements to help you make strategic and tactical decisions, you are probably overdue for an IT audit. Zealtech Solutions comprehensive IT audit program is specifically designed to be fully scalable to your operation and goals.

Audit will give you

  • To plan your future budgets,
  • Identify limitations and weaknesses,
  • Focus your attention on the critical items with urgent business impact.
  • Dependability of security system,



Financial auditing also requires to has IT auditing as current technology is increasing and most of client’s financial reports are implemented by complex accounting software. Audit approach also transformed due to the changing of management’s approach in reporting their entity’s financial information.IT Audit also offer and request separately from financial audit. Most of the firms have this kind of services. They do not only provide IT audit but also offering consultant on the information system areas.

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