Business development involves the creation of long-term value for an organization.


Business development necessitates tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Where, “Zealtech Solutions” as a business development services company, who works successfully for his respective client.

Why Businesses Fail

  • Leadership failure.
  • Poor management
  • Insufficient capital
  • Wrong location
  • Lack of planning
  • Lack of market analysis
  • Lack of Marketing, advertising, and promotional activities
  • Budgeting and managing company growth
  • Wrong partner
  • Not understanding potential problems and solutions
  • Inability to control expenses
  • Lack of authenticity and transparency.
  • Failure to create an effective sales funnel.
  • Failure to connect with the target audience
  • Lack of analysis of competition
  • No website and no social media presence
  • Rapid growth and over-expansion.

Difference between Sales and Business Development

Our common misconception that business development and sales are the same things, but it’s not correct.

Sales are the main process for a company to produce revenue by selling a product. The Sale is a process of selling goods and services offered by the institution in order to make revenue in a given period of time. In this process involves finding out potential clients and reaching them and convincing them to accept the scheme offered by the company. For any company, it is a sub-part of marketing, which mainly emphases on converting potential customers into buyers and establishing a relationship with them to make more business. Sales process depends on the sales personnel. This means employing more sales employees and channel partners it will boost sales.

The purpose of business development for a company is to build a long-term relationship between market, company, and customers. The main focus is to implement and invent various plans to gain extreme and maximum business not only by selling but also by getting into partnership with exploring current market segment, potential firms, presenting an updated product. The main purpose is not to make revenue. Instead, it is about building the market fit in the right product. It is a wider segment of the business which also contains sales. Business development generates ideas and initiatives to make the business more effective.

Who needs this service? 

You are running your business and you are thinking or suffering a problem with business, or if you facing lots of barriers to your business, a consultant may be hired form Consultancy farm to identify problems and business discovers. For development and enhance your business, you need specific service and support from the experts. Basic reasons for hiring us:

  • You need profit on your business
  • If you find yourself confused about your business.
  • You are facing a problem with your Business
  • Need improving your business
  • Opening new wing in your business

Business development process

Stages of building Business Development Process





Zealtech Solutions Business Development Responsibilities

  • Monitor and analyze present market.
  • Initiate strategies for companies to make stable.
  • Review and analyze strategies in advertising, marketing and sales.
  • Review team building and time management.
  • Prepare and develop presentations for clients.
  • Monitoring client profiles.
  • Design, develop and update products and services for client

Skills of Zealtech Solutions

  • Excellent communication, Management, and Technical
  • Ability to get on with people and influence them.
  • Creative skills and Strong problem-solving.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Negotiation and sales techniques.
  • Leadership skills and team working.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability skills

 Zealtech Solutions Business Development Section:

  • IT Training Institute
  • Private Educational Institute
  • IT Service & Solutions Provider
  • Ecommerce’s Base Business
  • NGO
  • Non-Profitable Organization or Association
  • Supply Chain Management Organization
  • Manufacture and Industrial Plant


  • Business plans
  • Marketing and advertising plans
  • Financial forecasting
  • Business improving consulting
  • Investor presentation
  • Market research & analysis
  • Sales strategy & sales training

Our Business Development consultant

A consultant is a third-party service provider who is qualified and capable to guide clients on the best use of specific business requirements. They may conduct a business needs assessment and valuation, and develop a solution that meets the organization’s objectives.

Zealtech Solutions” consultants have deep knowledge of both business and information technology.  Vendor certified experienced IT engineer, Ph.D. professor, IT specialist, successful business entrepreneur, business development specialist, financial analyst, market analyst, and different categorized expert enhance your business process.

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